Aspiring Authors

It is time to come out from behind the laptop - and pitch!

For months, possibly years, you wrote and revised, but now it is time to start talking to agents face-to-face. You are at the point where pitching at conferences and pitch slams is going to be a critical part of bringing your book to the world.

I will work with you to ensure your pitch presents you and your work in the best possible way. My business, One Perfect Speech, is geared precisely to your specific needs regardless of your public speaking skills or experience.

So, just how important is The Pitch? The answer is VERY important!

Pitching is the one opportunity you have to convince an agent your book is worthy of their attention. You need to be calm, confident, and concise, and you need to do it all in a very limited time.

How do I do this?

I ensure your message is clear and concise.

I ensure it connects effectively with the agent.

I ensure it remains within the time constratins.

I will work with you on all aspects of both verbal and non-verbal pitching to make sure you are confident and authentic in front of evey agent.

You wrote the words. Now is the time to let the world know they matter.

Recent comments from a client

“Jane is a one-of-a-kind coach with the ability to bring out the best in you. I had tried pitching before but always ended up feeling less than satisfied. Although I knew what I wanted to say, I had no idea how to say it. Jane suggested improvements that I had never thought of, and which totally transformed my pitch.”