Bride To Be

Do you know what scares brides the most?

Research shows one of the top fears for brides is a family member or friend embarrassing them on their special day—specifically, by giving a horrible speech.

How can you ensure the best man, maid of honor or even your darling dad doesn’t spoil your perfect day with an awful speech?

I can give you peace of mind. My business, One Perfect Speech, is geared precisely to your needs. Regardless of the skill of your chosen speaker, I will work with them on all aspects of writing, practicing and presenting a great speech. Whether in person…… or via video chat. I guarantee I will take them from fearful to fantastic.

So, just how important is The Speech? The answer is VERY important!

Apart from the wedding vows, speeches are the only spoken words that all your guests will hear. They give the couple an opportunity to speak directly to all their guests and to thank everyone. For the speakers from the bridal party (father, mother, best friend etc.) it is often the only opportunity they will have to honor the bride and groom. These speakers are the voice of the guests and sum up what everyone wishes to express to the couple. Great speeches resonate with guests and add yet another layer to everyone’s beautiful memories of your wedding. If you have experts taking care of your hair, the cake and the flowers, why leave your speakers to struggle with their speeches?

What else do I offer?

I will coach your speaker on the correct etiquette for toasts.

With my wedding speech formula, I will ensure that important and loved ones all get a mention. 

I will provide a cheat-sheet of Wedding Day prep for your speaker.

Recent comment from a client

“Being asked to speak at my son’s wedding could have been a daunting and emotional task. Having Jane coach me through this process proved to be extremely useful. How to check my notes, how and where to stand, what to do with my hands, when to pause for laughter and applause helped me sail through this wonderful experience with confidence.”