These are for busy people committed to developing their speaking skills but who don’t have the time for speaking clubs or lengthy courses.
All packages comprise original curated content with usable concepts and techniques.
After an exploratory session, packages can be personalized to meet specific needs.
Eight 1-hour weekly sessions focus on both verbal skills and non-verbal skills.

Verbal: pacing, pauses, vocal variety, tone, volume, pitch, delivery style, diction.

Non-verbal: poise, confidence, mindset, posture, eye contact, body language, facial expressions, hand gestures, and use of space.

Virtual: dress, background, camera height, lighting.

Present with Power and Lead with Strength.

Help new leaders prepare for higher-level communication. This is perfect for the business person to improve their communication skills and learn how to present with impact.

Speak to Persuade, Motivate and Inspire.

Help to speak clearly and compellingly with credibility. This is geared at those who are leading change in sales or pitching to clients.

How to Convey Confidence and Authority when Speaking.

Help all levels of professionals who want to learn how to convey the most powerful version of themselves. This is also ideal for First Language Not English speakers who want to elevate their professional presence.

How to Master Impromptu Discussions, Stop Interruptions and Defeat Brain Freeze!

Usable techniques to command any discussion with poise and confidence. This is aimed at anyone who wants to confidently communicate effectively and authentically

Interview Technique

Help college students seeking internships, newly graduated job-seekers, and rising executives or those experiencing a layoff. This unique course includes tips and techniques that can be immediately implemented.

What My Clients Say

“I was introduced to Jane’s coaching services through a networking group, and we set up an evaluation call quickly and easily through her online calendar.

The value from a short 30-minute call was immense and immediate. Jane suggested improvements during our phone conversation, asked me to ‘speak out’ these changes during the call, and gave me further instructions to change my diction/voice pitch/breathing/posture to have a confident phone and in-person conversation. I incorporated her real-time feedback into my calls on the same day and felt very satisfied with the outcome and my messaging .

Jane followed up our phone call with a video review of my test presentation, and gave me a written report of actionable suggestions to change my speech patterns; I can honestly say that slow and steady wins the race, when it comes to speaking your mind and crafting a believable and confident message.

In today’s environment, now there are many instances of face-face virtual meetings, and having someone of Jane’s caliber directing you in the background can only enhance your presence. I highly recommend taking advantage of Jane’s services.”

Zahid Abbasi, CFA

Fintech Risk Management Consultant

“After my graduation from Virginia Tech in 2018, Jane worked with me as my public speaking coach to refine my skills and prepare myself for the workforce. She also assisted me in building out my professional portfolio and polishing up my interviewing skills.

She is an outstanding teacher and listener. She works to tailor her course to your specific learning style. This helped us maximize our time during our sessions and ensured the teachings and habits weren’t memorized, but became a part of my every day life.”

Billy Ray Mitchell

Sons of Saturday; Virginia Tech Podcast

“I worked virtually with Jane to improve my interview pitch technique and skills, and I now have 2 job offers. Her approach taught me skills that I put into practice immediately. Once I had sent a video of my revised pitch, Jane provided a detailed evaluation focusing on both verbal and non-verbal aspects. She gave me a secret tip about interview preparation that was the best idea ever given to me. I highly recommend Jane if you are looking to focus your message/pitch and improve your presence.”

Robert Dreyfuss, CPA

Director of Finance at Long Island Children’s Museum

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