South Africans in the USA

Are you or your spouse in the process of interviewing for a job?

My public speaking business, One Perfect Speech, will increase your chances of a call-back. I am a deeply experienced public speaking coach with a focus on US-based interview skills (both phone screening and in-person), including elevator pitches.

I’ve lived here for 20 years and have seen many fellow South Africans stumble, and fail to make the right first impression. I know the work ethic and quality that South African workers bring to any job, but so often those characteristics don’t translate well. 

I will work with you to refine your skills and ensure your message comes across to American employers. Regardless of your home language, together, we will develop US-appropriate skills tailored to your unique situation.

So, just how important are First Impressions? The answer is VERY important!

As the saying goes, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” When we meet someone for the first time, we automatically judge them on their communication skills. When an interviewer has many applicants and little time, they look for candidates who convey their message in an effective manner. You must connect with the interviewer from the first interaction regardless of cultural differences or accents.

What else do I offer?

I will guide you on what to expect regarding hiring processes and practices in the USA.

Recent comments from a client

“I began working with Jane when I was preparing for my job interview. I have always struggled with speaking and I knew it could limit my career opportunities. Jane quickly put me at ease and provided all the tips, tools and guidance to raise my skill level and build my confidence. Jane is an excellent coach and I would recommend her to everyone who is preparing for an important presentation, a single speech, or who just wants to improve their public speaking skills.”