Rising Executive (test funnel)

Strong communication skills are key to growing your career.

In both hiring and promoting, employers give preference to those who communicate in a clear and coherent manner.

In business, leaders are identified as those who listen well and then confidently convey their ideas in an easily understood way.

Is your career growth being affected by your lack of strong communication skills?

In our virtual world, it is even more important to speak with clarity and conviction.

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Top Techniques

We focus on both verbal and non-verbal skills.
We start by working on techniques to build and convey confidence.
Next, we focus on diction, pronunciation, pacing, volume, tone, and verbal tics (um, ah, etc.)
Attention is given to body language, facial expressions, hand gestures, and posture to convey leadership.

Outstanding Outcomes

By developing your communication skills, you will:
become a better listener
learn how to provide feedback
help settle conflicts
know how to share difficult messages
learn how to handle interrupters.

Presentation Perfection

We will look at raising your presentation skills by examining your material.
We will work on methods to organize your material with a logical flow, clear transitions, and a strong conclusion/call to action.
You will learn how to prepare for Impromptu Questions as well as Q&A sessions

Virtual World

In our virtual world, without face-to-face communication, it is even more important to speak with clarity and conviction.
You will learn techniques to connect with a virtual audience.
We examine camera angle, lighting, background, and professional dress to create the best impression.

Recent Testimonials from Clients

I engaged Jane to assist our foreign born C.O.O. to sharpen his public speaking skills prior to a major industry trade event. In just a few sessions, Jane’s impact on his style, clarity, delivery and self-confidence was monumental. His presentation couldn’t have gone better and people in the industry actually commented on his exceptional delivery and wonderful stage presence.

I was introduced to Jane’s coaching services through a networking group. The value from a short 30-minute call was immense and immediate. Jane suggested improvements during our phone conversation, asked me to ‘speak out’ these changes during the call, and gave me further instructions to change my diction/voice pitch/breathing/posture to have a confident phone and in-person conversation. I incorporated her real-time feedback into my calls on the same day and felt very satisfied with the outcome and my messaging . Jane followed up our phone call with a video review of my test presentation, and gave me a written report of actionable suggestions to change my speech patterns; I can honestly say that slow and steady wins the race, when it comes to speaking your mind and crafting a believable and confident message. In today’s environment, now there are many instances of face-face virtual meetings, and having someone of Jane’s caliber directing you in the background can only enhance your presence. I highly recommend taking advantage of Jane’s services.