Wedding Planner

I know what keeps you up at night!

As a consummate professional, you take care of every single detail of each wedding you plan, but what gives you nightmares are those things you cannot control.

Research shows, one of the top fears of brides is someone in the bridal party embarrassing them by giving a cringe-worthy speech. Can you guarantee a drunk uncle or a weepy maid of honor won’t ruin the beautiful tone by presenting a poorly written, unrehearsed and inappropriate speech that runs way over time?


I can remove this entire area of stress. My business, One Perfect Speech, is geared precisely to ensure this doesn’t happen. Regardless of the skill of the chosen speaker, I will work with them on all aspects of writing, practicing, and presenting a great speech. 

So, just how important is The Speech? The answer is VERY important!

As the saying goes, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” 



What else do I offer?

I will guide your speaker on what to expect regarding on the day behavior, I will give them methods to help calm the butterflies, I will ensure that their speech is delivered as

Recent comment from a client

“Having Jane coach me through the speaking process proved to be extremely useful. How to check my notes, how and where to stand, what to do with my hands, when to pause for laughter and applause all helped me sail through my speech with confidence.”