Becoming the best virtual you in 2021.

We all understand the importance of branding, but this aspect of building a business is even more critical for entrepreneurs and small business owners who are their brand.

Most of us aren’t looking to topple Amazon or Google; we want to build genuine human connections and provide a trusted service to our clients. If you are the face of your business and provide a service, it is critical that you reinforce your brand image every time you present yourself.

Recently, many entrepreneurs began reaching clients via new methods: giving presentations to virtual groups, hosting networking events, making videos for YouTube, or teaching classes. In every instance, they had a clear idea of how they wanted to come across, how they tried to portray themselves, but the final product often fell short of the image they had in their heads. 

Something was missing. I can help you add in what’s missing! Give me 30 minutes of your time, and I will describe how you can elevate your skills in all areas of virtual presenting. 

It is time to commit to being the best virtual you in 2021

So how important is branding? The answer is VERY important.

For entrepreneurs, a good definition of branding comes from Seth Godin: “A brand is a set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one service over another.” 

When you are your brand, you are the spokesperson conveying the memories and sharing the stories. Are you sure your speaking and presenting skills are where you would like them to be?

What else do I offer?

In addition to both verbal and non-verbal aspects of presenting yourself, we will look at the structure and organization of your message. (Is there a hook, is it logical, is there a clear call-to-action?) Finally, we will review the lighting, setting, and outfit choice.

Recent comments from a client

Jane, you are so easy and enjoyable to work with! Having presented you with a tight deadline, you rolled up your sleeves and made sure that I worked on the right things so that all would come together at the right time. Thank you so much!” – Melanie

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