Start Trusting Your Listeners. They Want You To Succeed!

The main issue that terrifies speakers is the fear that the audience will judge them and find them wanting. They assume their listeners arrive ready to find fault with every single word and gesture.

This is far from reality.

Do you buy a Broadway ticket hoping the show is terrible? Do you attend a business presentation hoping it will be a complete waste of your time?

Your listeners want you to be great. They want to be informed, entertained, educated, surprised. They arrive open to your message and are eager to go along with you. 

Strong speakers & presenters know this! Instead of wasting energy on fearing their listeners, they trust their audience. 

They begin with authenticity and enthusiasm. They are energetic and passionate, and their listeners pick up on this. The audience feeds off your energy, and, in return, you will pick up on theirs. 

Stop seeing your listeners as your enemy; trust them, and you are sure to succeed.