Creating a Landing Page


Page Wording

  1. Introduction (top of page)
  2. Reinforcement section
  3. What else do I offer
  4. Testimonial

Make Video

Write Snippet (this is what goes on the card)



FB Wording / instagram wording



Resize images (one for post snippet, one for social page)

Edit and sort out video and post to youtube

Add New Page for specific audience

*  use landing page template

* include keyphrase

* include SEO TItle (TITLE and PAGE; delete SEPARATOR and SITE TITLE)

* include Meta on page

Add New Post for specific audience (this is what comes up alongside in AUdience widget)

* use the snippet image

Create FB post

1. Post landing page URL in in post. ENsure box comes up correctly

2. Add image (make sure image is approx 200w and 250 deep)

3. Delete URL

4. Add FB / social post wording