Creating a Speaking Tip


  1. Need Title
  2. Need Body wording
  3. Need Tags (these are used internally to provide words that describe what topics the tip is about)
  4. Need keywords (to accurately represent the tip; maybe not as detailed as the tags; maybe same as tags)
  5. Need SnippetĀ  (this is what gets used by Social Media eg FB et al)


Creating a speaking tip entails the following

  1. Create a New POST
  2. Enter Title and Body
  3. Look down right hand side and check off
    1. Do not allow comments
    2. Do not allow pingbacks
  4. Ensure category is set as “speaking-tips”
  5. Enter tags, get these from Jane
  6. Get snippet from Jane. THis is the snippet that will be used for Facebook
  7. get keywords from Jane – these can probably be the same as tags, but maybe not
  8. At bottom, set “template” to “Default Template”.
  9. At bottom, set “layout” to “Content/Sidebar”.
  10. Ensure author is Jane