Improving Your Public Speaking Skills

Video Coaching Explanation

We all know it is better to have practiced a skill before we are called upon to use it. However, where public speaking is concerned, most people simply ignore this entire area and hope it goes away—until that day when the spotlight swings their way.

Maybe you are an aspiring novelist who will need to pitch an agent or you are a job seeker struggling to get past that first interview. Maybe you are in real estate or financial management or possibly an entrepreneur with an eye to making videos. I have the solution.

Maybe you would like to pick up tips to control you nerves or learn body language that conveys strength and confidence. Maybe you would like to be able to form logical, eloquent off-the-cuff responses. I have the solution.

Whether in your professional life or your personal life, you know you would benefit from developing your public speaking skills, but you don’t have the time to join one of the public speaking clubs or work your way through long courses.  I have the solution.

Using my structured approach, we will work together to cover all aspects of public speaking both verbal and non-verbal. Once I have evaluated your level of expertise and heard your goals, I will design a flexible program geared to your unique needs.

Don’t wait until the spotlight blinds you, call me now.