One-on-One Coaching

Video Coaching Explanation

Congratulations! You have been invited to give a speech at a big event. Perhaps you have been asked to say a few words at a wedding or anniversary party, or your boss has asked you to make a presentation at the annual conference. You want to do a great job, but then the anxiety creeps in. You doubt you can write a great speech and suspect that even if you do, you have no idea how to recall it or present it. You fear you will look foolish, forget the words, stumble or stutter, and you worry you’ll lose the attention of the audience. You know you want to give an amazing speech, but you don’t have time to join a speaking club or take a long course. All you have is a blank page, but all you need is to give one perfect speech.

This is where I come in. Together, we will work through the entire process step by step while tailoring the program to your unique requirements and skill level. Whether you are an ‘OK’ public speaker or someone who would rather have root canal than stand in front of people and talk, I will work with you to ensure that you are confident and ready to give a speech you will be proud to present. I guarantee, together, we will get you from fearful to fantastic.

Please check out My Proven Approach for a detailed description of the program.