Fine Tuning a Speech via Video

Video Coaching Explanation

Well done!  You have written a speech and are happy with the content, but now you have no idea how to present it. You start to practice but it is not quite right. Your voice is quavering, you appear to have forgotten how to blink, and what is that weird thing you are doing with your hands? You don’t have time for a lot of lessons. You just need someone to review your performance and provide feedback with clear suggestions.

Easy! Email me a transcript of your speech and then take your cell phone and make a video of yourself giving the speech. Do not worry how rough it is, I am here to guide you!

I will review your speech transcript and make note of any suggestions. Secondly, I will evaluate every aspect of your presentation. When I have completed my assessment, I will email you detailed notes with suggestions for you to apply. After you have put those into practice, you can again send me a clip of your revised speech and I will reevaluate your progress and report back. We can follow this approach until you are 100% confident you are ready to present your perfect speech. This is an easy way to polish your presentation in a short amount of time.

Check out My Proven Approach to learn about all the areas I will review and advise on.