Get Ready for Video Conferencing.

In these current times, more and more of us are settling into working from home. However, one area that may feel unfamiliar is connecting to other professionals via video on platforms such as Zoom or Skype. Experts who previously appeared in person on TV shows are now forced to present themselves via their laptop camera. Colleagues who met face to face are finding meetings have moved to video platforms. Some people may discover connecting via video is a way to keep their business up and running. If this is your new normal, here are some tips to ensure you are camera-ready. 

  • Get your work/video area set up before you are called upon to connect. This form of communication is going to be required, so try to get it right as soon as possible.
  • Lighting is key. In front of natural light or somewhere with good lighting will give the best result.
  • Locate yourself somewhere quiet where you can close a door to keep out pets and children.
  • Note where your laptop camera is located. Position yourself as close to eye-height with it as possible; raise laptop on a pile of books, or lower your seating. Doing this will avoid the ‘looking down the nose’ effect and create a more natural face-to-face position.
  • When speaking, remember to look at the camera and not others on the screen. 
  • Be aware of your background. Keep it as clean and tidy as possible. If you have a brand or theme, introduce it in small measures.
  • When speaking, try to slow down your pace and pay attention to your diction to make sure you enunciate your words clearly.

Remember, all speaking is public speaking, even from behind a camera.