Practice Your Speech in Sections.

A critical part of preparing a speech is practicing. But before you do, consider how you plan to practice. The trick is: don’t keep starting from the introduction.

Most speakers run though their speech until they hit a snag. Then, regardless of where in the speech the problem arises, speakers start the next rehearsal right back at the opening lines. Now, although this is logical, it isn’t effective or efficient. It merely makes you expert in presenting the opening. 

The solution is to practice in sections. As you prepare each set of bullet-point note cards (the points will change as you work on your speech), make sure you number them in order. Then, while practicing, if you hit an issue, stop and begin again—but only from one card back, not from the beginning. 

Bonus Tip: each time you do a practice run, jump into your speech at a different point. Not only does it save you time rehearsing the parts you know well, it also means you are less likely to lose your way on the big day!