It is Time to Speak Up! Tips for Improving Your Speaking & Communication Goals.

Videos to help you get started.

The videos here provide quick-fire tips and techniques to improve your skillset.

Detailed tips that you can immediately put into practice.

These tips provide more detailed information. Challenge yourself to practice each one in your daily working life.


Keep It Short and Clear.

Many speakers are eager to share all their hard-gained knowledge with their audience. They know so much about their area of expertise that they want to make sure they get

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Slow Down Your Pace.

Many everyday speakers speak at a quick pace because they are comfortable with their listeners, for example: colleagues, casual business settings, friends in social groupings, etc. Although our new normal

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Practice Your Speech in Sections.

A critical part of preparing a speech is practicing. But before you do, consider how you plan to practice. The trick is: don’t keep starting from the introduction. Most speakers run though their

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Video Yourself!

Speakers often forget that their speech will be seen and heard NOT read. They spend hours crafting the perfect words which is great if they were working on an essay.

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