Slow Down Your Pace.

Many everyday speakers speak at a quick pace because they are comfortable with their listeners, for example: colleagues, casual business settings, friends in social groupings, etc. Although our new normal has moved most of our professional (and social) lives behind a screen, cell phone, or laptop, speakers continue to talk as fast as they did in their face-to-face settings. This rapid pace can lead to their listeners mishearing them and can dilute a professional message—something especially to be avoided in interviews and business conversations.

Practice slowing down your rate of speech. Start by thinking about your breathing. Deeper breaths will relax you and prevent the urge to rush through what you are saying. Work on putting a slightly longer break at the end of each sentence. By adding a second beat, you will slow the overall pace and provide a place where the listener can process the information. 

By pacing your speech more effectively, you will convey authority and ensure your listeners hear every word clearly.