How to Use Your First 30 Seconds to Connect With the Audience.

When public speaking, you have 30 seconds to get your audience’s attention. Use it wisely!
From your first words, you need to connect to your audience by using effective verbal and non-verbal skills.

Start with a strong hook. Develop an opening sentence that is attention-grabbing.
Do not start with apologies. “Sorry I haven’t given many virtual presentations.” “Apologies for any tech glitches. This is not my area.”
Tone. Keep it warm with a lower tone.

Eye contact. When speaking virtually, look directly into the camera lens. Picture the people you are addressing.
Smile. Start with a smile and maintain an open, friendly expression. 
Posture. Show your energy by sitting tall with open shoulders.
Gestures. Avoid any body language that cuts you off from your audience, like crossing your arms or holding papers between yourself and the camera/audience.