Ten Not-So-Obvious Tips When Giving a Toast!

When asked to give a toast, most speakers know the obvious do’s and don’t’s; keep it clean, don’t talk about yourself, don’t embarrass anyone, and don’t drink until you have given the toast.

Here are some not obvious tips that will help you prepare.

  • Establish exactly how long you have to speak. Don’t assume you know.
  • Find out if there will be a microphone.
  • If a mic will be used, will it be hand-held or on a stand?
  • Know where you are in the line-up of speakers. 
  • Ask other speakers what anecdotes / stories they will be including. You don’t want to be the third person to tell the same story.
  • Find out if someone will introduce you. If not, start the toast by introducing yourself.
  • When practicing, wear the shoes you will wear on the day.
  • Also, consider having one full dress rehearsal. This will point out any wardrobe issues.
  • If you are working from note cards, make an additional set and give them someone else who will be attending.
  • Make sure you can read your note cards regardless of the lighting.