Body Language That Conveys You Are Calm and Composed.

In new or uncertain situations, we often let our body language reflect our unsettled emotions. 

By being cognizant of the message our bodies are sending, we can improve our body language to convey the message we would prefer to send.

Always ensure you put your weight evenly on both feet. Often, we shift the weight to one hip, which leaves us unbalanced. Remind yourself to plant both feet solidly on the floor.
Be aware of the direction your feet are facing. When we feel nervous, we unconsciously point our feet away from the situation that is making us feel awkward. 

Avoid placing anything between you and the other person. Barriers can take the form of crossed arms, holding a file in front of you, or retreating behind a desk or chair. Make sure your torso is open, facing the other person.
Try not to step back. When someone feels unsettled, they unknowingly step back and create more space between them and the speaker. Be aware of socially acceptable personal space and then remain within it.