How to Avoid Body Language That Makes You Look Awkward.

When we enter situations where we feel less than confident, we unconsciously display certain behaviors. These nervous habits telegraph to others that we feel awkward or uncertain. These behaviors often surface when we start meeting in person after time spent mainly in virtual settings.

In virtual meetings, we can ease our nerves by (for example) squeezing a stress ball. However, once we are in person with others, behavior like this makes us look jittery or uneasy. 
Concentrate on keeping hands and feet still. Try clasping your hands gently behind you or placing one hand in a pocket. 

Not smiling:
In virtual meetings, it was easy not to smile—in fact, it could feel odd smiling into “nothingness.” Many people became accustomed to keeping a serious or even stern expression.
When you meet in person, remind yourself to smile when you greet someone. Be aware of the expression on your face and aim for a warm, open countenance.

Avoiding eye contact:
In virtual settings, we trained ourselves to talk to the camera to create a more realistic feel for others. 
If this habit left you out of practice, make a note to work on eye contact whenever you meet someone else. Regardless of social or business, aim for an appropriate and natural level of contact.