Build Signposts Into Presentations.

Effective speakers and presenters build ‘signposts’ into their speech. They guide their listeners through the information by using words that make it clear what lies ahead, and then as they progress, alerting them to where they are along the way. 


  • Today, I will take twenty minutes to discuss… . 
  • I will be covering three key points.
  • Firstly, … secondly, … lastly… . 
  • Now, I will move on to point number… . 
  • I want to expand on… . 
  • Let me refer back to graph… . 
  • In conclusion… . 

By using clear verbal statements to steer listeners through the various sections of your presentation, you lower the chance that someone will “get lost” along the way and therefore stop listening. 

Added bonus: by speaking with clear signposts, you are less likely to digress.