How to Answer Weird or Strange Interview Questions.

Many interviews now include one or two weird questions. EG: If you were a pizza delivery person, how would you benefit from scissors? 
Interviewers ask this type of question to gauge several things:

  • see how you approach unrehearsed questions.
  • see how you respond under stress.
  • learn about your thought process.
  • hear your problem-solving skills in action.
  • gain more insight to see if you will be a good fit.

Remember: none of these questions have a “right” answer, so focus on being logical, not correct.


  • Take a deep breath and smile. This will lower your heart rate and convey confidence.
  • Pause and start to organize your thoughts, don’t rush to answer.
  • Talk it out loud! Go step-by-step, speaking out your ideas so the interviewer can hear your process. 
  • Speak at a slower than usual pace to eliminate ums/ahs and stumbles.
  • Take control of the question. If the question is ambiguous or ill-defined, clarify those areas. EG: “What is the color of money?” You can start by saying, “It depends on the country, and if it is real money or board game money.”


  • Never reply that you have “no idea” or you “give up.”
  • Avoid showing any irritation or frustration.

If you cannot answer in the interview, give it some thought afterward and include your answer in the Thank You note.