How to Dress for a Virtual Interview 2021.

Before we even say one word, our appearance speaks volumes about us.

A simple rule of thumb is: One and done. The interviewer should take no more than one look at your outfit and never give it another thought. You should be the focus of their attention, not your clothing. 

A smart version of business-casual works for most companies, but always dress authentically, and make sure you are comfortable in any new items.

Women: Less is more. Stick with a clean, unfussy neckline. A small detail to help frame the face is ideal but stay away from layering items.
Men: the days of the jacket and tie are over. A freshly ironed dress shirt buttoned almost to the neck works well in most situations.
Note: avoid showing too much skin.


  • Review the dress code for both the company and the job. (An ad agency will have a different code to a Wall Street firm.)
  • Colors: go with strong but not bright colors. Be aware of your background colors, as well as skin and hair tone. Avoid colors that blend into these areas. If your office chair is visible around your shoulders, avoid the same shade, or you will be a floating head.
  • Monotone is the safest bet. If you choose a pattern, test beforehand how it reads on the screen.
  • If you wear glasses, ensure they are clean. Check that any front lighting does not reflect strangely on your glasses.
  • Jewelry is acceptable as long as it isn’t distracting. Avoid items that move like long earrings.
  • Keep hair and facial hair neat and tidy.