My Top Tips for Great Holiday Toasts!

Giving a toast at a Christmas or New Year’s party is different from wedding, birthday, or retirement toasts as there is no person or couple who is the focus of your toast.

Here are my top 8 tips to giving a sparkling holiday toast.

  • Preparation: if you are planning to give the toast or if there is any chance you may be called on, take some time to prepare a few lines.
  • Time: Aim for 1-2 minutes, maximum.
  • Read the room: have a clear idea of who will be your audience. The tone of your toast to your close friends will probably differ from the tone at a party hosted by your grandparents. (In all instances, avoid politics.)
  • Opening: Welcome everyone. Even if you chatted to people before the toast, open with a greeting. (Avoid starting with “I, me, or my.”)   
  • Acknowledgments:  If you are not the host, lead off by acknowledging them. Follow with general thanks to those who contributed in some way. (Comment positively on the food, décor, etc.) Note those who traveled great distances.
  • Reflect: look back on the year past and express gratitude. Look forward to the year ahead and express hope.
  • Quote (optional.) If there a particular quote you know would connect with the guests, you can conclude with it.
  • End off with a simple: “Please raise your glasses to….”