Power up Your Presentations by Varying the Pace at Which You Speak.

Most presenters know that it is important to vary their pace. If they speak at the same speed for an entire presentation, it can seem monotonous to listeners. But, deciding when to speed up and when to slow down can be tricky.

Slowing down: Most Americans talk at a rate of about 150 words per minute. However, in presentations, we should aim to speak slightly slower. This gives our listeners the time to comprehend and remember the information. When addressing material dense with data, fewer words at a slower pace will help your listeners pay attention and make your message more effective. If a particular point is critical, consider slowing down even more. This reduced speed will draw your colleagues’ attention to the fact that the detail is important.

Speeding up: Speaking at a faster pace is effective when conveying excitement or enthusiasm. When providing examples or illustrating with story-telling, speed up. Notice where you use descriptive words or when you want your tone to be conversational, and use those sections to speak at a normal pace. Lastly, adopt a quicker pace whenever you have a call to action. 

By varying your pace, you will enliven your presentations and keep your teammates engaged.