Storytelling Is More Important Than Ever.

When you promote your business, it is vital to have facts and figures to back up your claims. A potential client wants information, not wishful thinking. However, the old saying, “Facts tell, but stories sell,” has never been more apt.

In these current times, we are marketing our businesses from a distance. Previously, we could sit face to face with a client and make a strong connection on a human level. For many, this relationship-building aspect can be a lot more difficult when you are reaching out from behind a screen and not shaking hands across a table. How do you form and cement a business relationship when you feel a laptop is getting between you and your client? You look to storytelling.

People are programmed to remember stories, but often struggle to recall facts. This is because stories speak to the heart, whereas facts speak to the brain. However, as stated, business is based on facts, not fabrications; therefore, hard data must be part of your pitch. To bridge this gap, share the stories of your successes to illuminate the figures and inform the facts. If you talk about real events, real challenges, and real situations, your client will remain engaged and better recall your message. A great story can inspire action in a way lists of facts and figures cannot do.