Two Ways to Stay on Message During Media Interviews.

Most business owners know the benefits of appearing as interview guests. Whether it is on a social media platform or in more traditional media, these appearances can bring real value to the business.

As you prepare for that interview, it is advisable to know how to stay on message and not be drawn into a digression. 

Two techniques worth practicing are: flagging and bridging.

Flagging, when you want to emphasize what you consider the most important point or part of your message. Should the interviewer go off-topic, say, “This is the key take away….” or “If you only remember one thing today…”

Bridging, when you move back to the point you want to make. Should the interviewer steer you into a digression, you can bring the discussion back to your topic by saying, “I can’t speak to that, but what I can address…” or “While xxx is important, we need to keep our focus on….”

Always knowing the purpose of your appearance in the interview will help you stay on message.