Want to Sound Instantly More Confident?

There are many tried and tested ways to calm nerves and project confidence when speaking.

However, if you want three exercises to convey confidence while you practice long-term nerve-calming, these will always work:

  • Smile. Confident people always start with a smile. Even if it feels a little forced initially, make sure to smile, and you will look as though you are in complete control of the situation.
  • Slow down. Nerves cause us to rush the pace at which we speak. Confident people tend to talk at a slower pace. They are not thrown by “dead air” and will use pauses to emphasize points.
  • Posture. Confident people take up space. They sit or stand tall with shoulders squared. Whether in person or virtual, sit as though you mean business. 

Focus on these three key areas to get you started on the road to confidence.