Be an Ally, and Speak Up!

Developing your speaking skills will help you grow your career, but it can also benefit your co-workers. To help create an inclusive work culture, pay attention to those times when you can speak up for colleagues.

  • Give credit: If someone voices an idea that is hi-jacked by someone else who then claims the credit, be sure to draw attention to the originator of the idea. “A great suggestion, and full credit to XXX for originally bringing this to light / great idea, and well done to XXX for getting the ball rolling.”
  • Defer to another: If you are asked a question and know someone else in the room equally able to answer, defer to them. “Let’s hear from YYY. They have a lot of expertize in that area.”
  • Redirect: Guide a conversation back to the person who was interrupted / spoken over. “Before we get too far along with this, let’s jump back to what ZZZ was saying.”

By using your speaking skills to be a strong ally, you will also be setting an example of how to create an inclusive workspace.