Keep It Short, and You’ll Make It Clear.

Many speakers are eager to share all their hard-gained knowledge with their colleagues. They know so much about their area of expertise that they want to make sure they get it all across to the listeners. This can result in a confusing presentation where every minute is packed with details. The audience comes away, exhausted from all the data.

We are all suffering from information overload, so keep it simple. Whether teaching a class, making a video, giving a presentation, or hosting a workshop, remind yourself that your listeners can only absorb so much. 

Tip 1: Make a list of everything you would like to share, and then ask yourself the question: if my listeners remember nothing else, what are the top 3/5/7 points I’d like them to retain. Start there and tailor according to your time allowance. Take each point and focus on sharing it clearly and concisely. Cut out all extraneous details. 

Tip 2: Avoid over-explaining. Work out one clear explanation and stick with that. It shows both control and confidence to trust your message and know when to stop speaking.

The most effective communicators convey the salient points in an engaging manner.