How To Give Effective Feedback.

Feedback is guidance that helps the recipient achieve a positive outcome.

  • Prepare: focus on areas that require improvement. What issues did you observe? Why is it important that this be addressed? Anticipate questions.
  • Timing: try to meet sooner rather than later. Make sure it will be in private. Avoid giving feedback to one person in front of a group. Do not give feedback if you are angry or upset.
  • Statement: be specific and clearly identify the problem or concisely describe the behavior. Stay on topic.
  • Objective: don’t attack the person. Avoid “you.” Begin questions with “what’ or ‘how.”
  • Listen: listen carefully to the persons’ responses. Aim for it to be a conversation rather than a monologue.
  • Guidance: offer suggestions, provide advice on how they may improve.
  • Summarize: this ensures there was no miscommunication.
  • Praise: give positive feedback only if it is sincere. Do not swamp constructive feedback with heaps of feel-good praise.