Prepare Your Go-To Responses Before You Start the Q&A.

Presenters often call for questions from their team. This is a time to share knowledge, illuminate a topic and add value for the audience.
Occasionally, someone will ask a question that the presenter cannot answer. 
Avoid responding, “I don’t know.”
Firstly pause and consider the question.
Ask the person to repeat the question or clarify to make sure you understood them correctly.

If you still can’t answer, then have these Go-To Responses ready:

  • “I don’t have up to date information, but I’ll talk with my team and get back to you by yyy.”
  • “I’ll pass your question onto xxx, and she will get back to you by yyy.”
  • “This is what I do know…….. And I’ll have more info to you by yyy.”

If appropriate, you can defer to others.

  • “Would anyone in the group like to answer them?

Have these responses ready to go so that the discussion doesn’t stall.