How to P.R.E.P for Impromptu Questions.

Many people fear impromptu questions, but they are an essential skill in business.
Business meetings usually require the ability to speak off-the-cuff in a concise and coherent manner. For job seekers, it is imperative they have a technique to tackle those quick-fire, unexpected questions. 

However, in many instances, the responder has no plan how to answer and so goes off on a long rambling reply that digresses, becomes repetitive, or never answers the question. 

To ensure your answer reflects well on you, follow the PREP approach:

  • Position: state your position on the subject. Keep it short and to the point.
  • Reason: explain why you are taking that position.
  • Example: provide an example, story, or statistic to support your reason.
  • Position conclusion: summarize or reflect and then end by restating your position.