Time To Get Animated!

Virtual presentations deprive listeners of the energy they experience when in person. 
Presenting virtually often drives speakers to adopt a flat, affectless manner. They lack energy, which leads to their presentation (business style, live streaming, or a video) coming across as dull and robotic.

To avoid this trap, speakers have to intentionally introduce personality into their presentations. Being more animated (full of life, lively) pumps up your message, makes it more engaging (more watchable), and connects you more effectively with the audience.

How to do this when practicing:

  • Add drama to your voice. Speak out the key bullet points as though narrating a movie trailer. Exaggerate your tone and play around with the volume.
  • Focus on diction. By pronouncing each word with precision, you will introduce more movement to your face.
  • Over emphasize your facial expressions. Widen your eyes, smile more brightly.
  • Loosen up—literally. Do some simple movements to loosen the neck and shoulders. Avoid a stiff posture, and try leaning in a little
  • Keep using your natural hand gestures. They enliven your presentation even if listeners cannot see them.

By bringing more vocal energy to your presentations, you will draw in your listeners and keep them engaged.