How to Prep for a Pre-recorded Video Interview.

One-way video job interviews (aka asynchronous interviews) are ideal for employers to screen suitable candidates. The candidate answers pre-set questions which are filmed and watched by the recruiter at another time.

The preparation for this style of interview should be the same as any other job interview; know your resume, practice potential questions, research the company, and dress appropriately. Be aware of body language. 

However, extra attention should be paid to certain areas. 

Tips on how to prepare for an at-home video interview.

  • Set your laptop up in a quiet room with a door that closes to keep out uninvited guests.
  • Ensure your camera is at eye height and place a light source behind your camera. Check to ensure the background is clean, neat, and tidy.
  • Test all equipment, microphone, wifi, etc.
  • Turn off all notifications, house phones, cell phones.
  • Place a clock somewhere you can easily see.
  • Have the job description, your application, and your resume ready.
  • Check the invitation for login information.
  • Follow instructions perfectly. Don’t assume your know the directions.
  • Have a glass of water at hand in case of “cottonmouth.”
  • When it starts, speak only to the lens of the camera. 
  • Don’t fidget.