Top Reasons Why and How You Should Ask for Feedback

The quickest way to grow a skillset is to receive effective feedback. Speakers who listen to and then implement feedback can immediately course correct. Instead of repeating the same errors or retaining the same issues, they adapt their performance and start again from an improved position.

Prior to teaching the class, presenting the video, or giving the PowerPoint, ask a trusted colleague or attendee to provide feedback.
Direct their focus by suggesting 2 or 3 key areas you feel could use improvement—for example, the use of filler words, pacing, or eye contact.
Make it clear that you are looking for constructive feedback and not fishing for compliments.
Afterward, listen carefully to them. Don’t justify, argue, or pushback. Ask questions for clarification.
Finally, ask them to name one thing you did particularly well. This way, you can end the conversation on a positive note.