Prepare for Things To Go Wrong.

When undertaking a presentation, we plan for success. We should also be preparing for things that could go wrong.

Before you host a virtual workshop, teach an online class, make a video, give a presentation or live-stream, write down all the things that could go wrong. Then figure out how you would handle each one.

List issues in order of priority. Start with tech issues (loss of wifi, slides malfunction, power problems) then move to environmental issues (sudden extraneous sounds, a child walks in). Next, look at potential presentation issues (coughing fit, brain freeze) and, finally, the small problems that can derail you (uncomfortable clothing, dry mouth.)

Work out how you would handle each one of the items on your list. Some will be easily solvable, others may need a proper Plan B. Once you have thought through how you would handle a potential issue, you are immediately better prepared to face it should it arise.

If you prepare for what could go wrong, everything will go right.