7 Body Language Tips for Better Video Calls.

Repeated use of video calls often leads speakers to become more relaxed, which may make them appear less than professional.

Just as we are finely tuned to decode body language when communicating in-person, we need to be cognizant of body language from behind a laptop screen.  

My 7 tips will help you make the right impression:

  • Posture: sit up taller and straighter than you usually would. Avoid tensing your shoulders or pulling them up to your ears.
  • Facial expressions: keep it neutral, open, and warm. When you first join the call, smile.
  • Eye contact: aim to maintain eye contact for at least 60-70% of the meeting.   
  • Hand gestures: these only work if you are further back from the screen. If you are close to your camera, keep your hands still when possible. 
  • Body language: do not cross your arms. Avoid linking your hands behind your head. 
  • Vocal pitch: try to speak slower and lower. Unless you have a professional microphone, this tip will improve your tone.
  • Tics: avoid habits like chewing your lip, rubbing your nose, or fiddling with jewelry.

Whether you are speaking to colleagues or clients, these tips will ensure you come across in the best possible light.