To Keep Your Listeners Engaged, Organize Your Presentation/Speech.

Speeches and presentations are heard, not read, and listeners only have the speaker’s words to guide them. It is up to the speakers to lead listeners through the material. The more organized the material, the greater the chance listeners will pay attention, keep up and remember the key points.

To organize your material, focus first on the purpose. Once you are clear as to ‘why’ you are talking (entertain, educate, persuade, amuse, inform, etc.), structure the material as you would an essay.

  • Draft an outline with a strong opening that sets out the purpose.
  • Identify key points and how you will elaborate on them. (Story-telling, anecdotes, facts, figures, stats, etc.)
  • Ensure you have clear, logical transitions leading the audience from point to point.
  • Focus on a strong conclusion reflecting the material, what was learned and how to move forward knowing it.

Speakers whose material is organized come across as more knowledgeable and more in command.