Job Seekers: How to Use the STAR Method to Answer Behavioral Interview Questions.

Interviewers will often ask behavioral questions to learn more about a candidate. These questions require the interviewee to describe past behavior to illustrate how they are likely to behave in a similar situation.

Example: Describe a time you faced a conflict while working on a team. How did you handle that?

It is essential that job seekers prepare answers for a variety of questions.  Responses should take the form of a story with a logical beginning, middle, and end and must use real-life examples. 

STAR method.
Situation: Provide the context by setting the scene and providing specific details.
Task: Explain what was your responsibility / role in the situation.
Action: Describe the actions / steps you took to address the situation.
Result: What was the result of your actions.

When preparing responses, remain concise while providing relevant detail. 
When practicing, only focus on the key elements of the story. Do not memorize, or it will come across as robotic.
Introduce vocal variety to make sure the information is engaging.
Speak at a conversational pace to sound natural and confident.