7 Winning Tips for Video-Style Customer Calls.

Successful sales calls are a critical tool for many business people. However, we are now without the social grease of face to face meetings. No longer are we at a client’s home or office. We are probably not on the golf course, across a dining table, or meeting for a drink. We sit in our virtual worlds.

Now that many of our previous behaviors are not applicable, we must adapt to ensure our communication is still effective:

  • We have lost the handshake, so it is even more important to open any call with a smile.
  • We never looked down our noses at our customers, so don’t do it now. Position your camera at eye height.
  • We never sat inches from our customer, so avoid a tight camera shot of your face. Place your laptop away from you, about the width of a desk or a restaurant table. 
  • If you use hand gestures use fewer, gesture slower and keep your hands closer to your chest than the camera.
  • We can’t mirror the other person’s body language to show agreement, so occasionally lean in slightly when they speak. 
  • Avoid sitting with your arm crossed.
  • Use the person’s name during the conversation.

Lastly, make sure you are groomed and dressed appropriately. Show you mean business.