Burn off the Nervous Energy and Convert It Into Useful Energy.

Professional speakers and top-level presenters have a trick to lower any excess energy; in the hours before their moment in the spotlight, they workout. This burns off any nervous, jittery energy, leaving them with “useful energy,” which is the excitement and passion to share their message.

In our virtual world, with our offices in our homes, this is somewhat easier. Depending on the lead-time you have, you can:

  • walk the stairs in your house or do some jumping jacks.
  • visualize yourself presenting and speaking with confidence and clarity.
  • do some deep breathing exercises.
  • listen to music that energizes you.
  • hydrate.

When you begin the presentation, lecture, pitch, or interview, take one deep breath, lower your shoulders, and start. 

Tell yourself the energy you feel is enthusiasm for your topic and that you are confident and prepared.