Body Language That Projects Confidence.

Conveying confidence is a skill some are born with, but many have to learn.  

Top Tips for using body language to project confidence.

  • Take up space. Confident people fill the space around them. They sit and stand tall and straight. They keep their shoulders back and square. They keep their chins up, not sunk on their chests. They don’t stoop or hunch. They use firm, expansive hand gestures that fill the space around them.
  • Relax jaws and shoulders. This will also help lower the tone of the voice. 
  • Eye contact. Making and maintaining eye contact is a strong measure of a confident person. To keep it natural, aim for approximately 70% on a virtual platform. Remember to look at others when they speak.
  • Smile and breathe. People who are anxious or insecure find it hard to smile. The act of smiling will lower your stress.

Practice these techniques in low-stress situations, social events, casual meetings. This way, you will build the muscle memory to convey confidence once you get into high-stress situations.