How to Instantly Improve Your Presentations.

  • Start strong: Regardless of your skill level, never begin a presentation or speech with an apology or self-deprecating humor. Don’t warn listeners that you’ve never done this before or ask for their forgiveness if you stumble. Prepare a strong opening and then practice it. You have about 30 seconds to grab their attention, don’t squander it.
  • No excuses: If something goes wrong (your phone rings, an uncooperative chair, a weak Wi-Fi connection), don’t launch into excuses. Stop talking and take a breath. Then communicate that you need a moment to sort out the issue. Do so, and move on.
  • Delay the review process: Don’t immediately dissect your performance once your presentation is over. Wait a few hours or until the next day. Then list 2-3 things you did well and note them for the next time. Next, list 2-3 areas for improvement. Make a plan of how you could work on those areas. Don’t over analyze your performance, or it will make you anxious and affect your next presentation.