Stand and Get Attention!

For many business people, making phone calls is a critical part of their day. Some calls are more casual conversations with colleagues or clients. However, a high percentage of calls are important opportunities to reach out to new clients, reassure existing customers, or defuse a difficult situation.

For the caller to project the best image, they should consider standing during the phone call.

Why stand?

  • It opens your chest and lungs allowing for better breathing.
  • It opens your vocal cords, lowering the pitch of the voice, which usually creates a better tone.
  • It generates energy that sitting does not. This translates as the speaker being more confident.
  • It creates a feeling of being in control, which comes across as authoritative and knowledgeable.
  • It allows freedom of movement, which increases freedom of expression. (You will speak more fluidly.)
  • It enables hand gestures and body movement, which enhances pacing and appropriate emphasis.
  • You will sound a lot more dynamic than if you are speaking hunched over, head down, at a desk.